About Us

This is why I do this!
It’s so rewarding to see people clobber their fears! Break through YOUR fears!

Image captured at the Diamond Lake Triathlon by Randi Pickley

As of FEBRUARY 2021

…our events have raised over $1,029,000* for non-profits and the greater good in Elkhart County!

Thank you athletes for your support! 

Thank you to all our sponsors!

Special Shout out to OSMC and Martin’s who supported us from Day 1 when it was all just unbridled enthusiasm!

 It’s a Win. Win. Win.

* That’s net, net. Money “taken in” was a whole lot more, this is the profit after all expenses were paid to put on the events.   Pretty impressive, athletes and sponsors!

Stone Soup Promotions Started in January 2009 when things were mighty GRIM!

The name, Stone Soup, is the title of a children’s story about a small town during a famine. The basic message is that when times are tough, the village has an opportunity to join together, each giving what they can. The village creates a great feast that all can enjoy.

Our calling is to create fun outdoor fitness events that will bring the community together in a wholesome friendly way, promote a healthy lifestyle, and raise money for local non-profits. 

The Stone Soup Promotions mantra is:

 Have Fun. Help Others. Improve the Outlook!

This is a passion project fueled by the realization that life is short, so if there is something you want to do, better get to doing it.  


We believe that just 30 minutes a day of walking and being outside with a friend or family member could change your life. Try it.

Phone a friend and see if they want to go for a walk tonight. Raining? So what. Bring an umbrella and wear old shoes.


Good health is the ultimate currency. Money is useless if you don’t have the energy to get out and enjoy things! 

Think you want to direct a race?

 What you need to get started:

* An idea that you are completely passionate about (it’s physics- in order to create momentum, you have to generate a lot of energy)

* Base of operation that contains parking, restrooms, shelter, power- ideally free. Kitchen facilities are a plus. 

* Solid team that is willing to put in about 50-100 hours

* 30-60 volunteers on the day (for a 5K)- depending on your course and other logistics

* Seed money to start with -you have to spend money before the registration money rolls in. Do a budget and actually get some quotes on the things you want to have at your race.   

Stone Soup Promotions Founder: Paula Turk

Running has changed my life in so many ways. You don’t have to be a super fast runner (walking is the same) ..but the whole part about putting on your shoes and getting out into the world will burn off calories, melt away stress, give you thinking time, practice breathing, help you to take notice of subtle things in your neighborhood. It’s medicine. It will help fix just about anything going on in your life that needs help. Start today. And keep it going.

Hey, I didn’t do any kind of sports until way later in life. It is NEVER too late to get on a program.

And I want to share this simple gift with others. I was once that “wallflower” and as an adult was invited to join in. So invite your friends out to participate! Plant those seeds.

Or if you have lost your MoJo…?  Call it up and call it out, and get it back!  Sign up for something and work towards it. And as you do, watch the rest of your life fall right into place!